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'This has been a truly incrediable experience, and I will carry many of the things with me'

'It was a dream come true
It was the best holiday I ever had
It was worth waiting for.'

'This has made this trip the best trip of my life!
The incredible cities had a lot to do with it but all of my credit goes to the crew, everyone was friendly and accommodating.'

'Friendly crew who made the Metsuyan a very friendly and homely place.'

'Fantastic week aboard Metsuyan. Top Crew. Top food. Top boat'

'Best Trip ever!!
What an amazing experience to be in such a beautiful boat with such amazing people.'

'The entire crew was fantastic….The memories will be with me for the rest of my life. "The adventures on the Metsuyan'

'Thank you very much for all of this, the two families will remember this very special moment we shared with all of you.'

'Thank you for a truly magical charter and one we will always remember.'

'We had an unforgettable week'

'What can I say, except except fabulous'

'Thank you for an exquiste week'

'We knew it would be a terrific week but it still exceeded our high expectations'

'This trip suprassed all of my hopes and expectations'

'Thank you to the best crew in the world for an amazing journey.'

'Such a wonderful trip and a wonderful crew'

'This was the best trip thanks to all of you!
Thank you for constantly making us laugh, taking our weirdly posed photos and making 1 milliom iced coffee's'