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Second Stewardess- Kelly


Kelly, like Linda came into the yachting world through her degree. Kelly studied events management at university and whilst studying she gained invaluable experiences working with top florists, wedding and special occasion co-ordinators. Whilst in the events industry Kelly was known for her creative flair and her passion for gest experience. Kelly gained valuable knowledge it did not provide the challenge she had hoped for.

Kelly was on the lookout for a new challenge when she was told about yachting by a friend. Appealing to her adventurous spirit Kelly packed her bags for Nice and eventually found her way to Metsuyan IV.

Kelly is dedicated to bringing the creative flair and guest experience she was known for in the events industry to your stay on board Metsuyan to make it the most memorable stay possible.

When not working onboard Metsuyan IV enjoys sunrise yoga session or simply watching the sunset with friends.