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Chief Engineer - Alen

Alen has been in the marine industry for more than 27 years.  He trained as a marine engineer and worked in merchant shipping on large tankers and container ships for the first 13 years of his career.  He has spent the last 14 years in the yachting industry gaining a wealth of experience working on both private and charter motor yachts and sailing yachts.

Alen's home is in Croatia, where his wife and 2 daughters live.  In his spare time he enjoys reading, watching films and walking.

Languages: Crotain & English (Fluent)


Covering Chief Engineer - Hugh


Hugh was born into an adventurous family who installed a sense of free spirit in to all their children. In Hugh this sense led to him developing an interest and a passion in to how everything works. When we are saying everything we mean everything! This did mean that unfortunately some household electrical devices where temporarily put out of operation until Hugh became skilled enough to fix them.

Hugh is not your average engineer and when every is running as it should be you will find Hugh out on the deck or helping any of crew where he can.

When not on board Metsuyan Hugh enjoys a wide variety of sports and outdoor activities as well ask taking things apart to see how they work, vehicle maintenance and engineering.