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  Joanna Ellarby

Joanna has a genuine love for the ocean, fine food and wine as well as meeting new people. One might say she was perfectly suited for a career onboard Metsuyan IV. Joanna has a genuine passion for service and enjoys creating experiences and memories that will last a lifetime for the guests of Metsuyan IV.

Born and raised in Leeds, England Joanna has 10 years experience working oboard luxury yachts. Over the 10 years in the industry Joanna has travelled extensively working in Australia, the United States, the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, UAE, and even the Seychelles. With all this under her belt Joanna has gained experience in all aspects of luxury service.

When not sailing the seven seas, Joanna loves travelling for pleasure - exploring new destinations and cultures. When not travelling Joanna enjoys learning new recipes or practising yoga for which she is a qaulified instructor.

Languages: English (Fluent)